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 Lovely Nancy CD

This recording presents a delightful collection of popuar music from 18th Century America. Included are dances, airs, marches, and songs sung and performed on fiddle, whistles, mandolin, and six string and English Guitars.

  1. Bellisle March / Wheels of the World
  2. Alloa House, or Love After Marriage
  3. Liberty
  4. The Bold Shepherd
  5. Congress Minuet / Sir Charles Sedley's
  6. Jenny Nettles / Mullin Dhu
  7. The Tailor and The Teachest
  8. Three Country Dances
  9. Farewell / Gillikrankie
  10. The Lass of PatieĆ­s Mill
  11. British Grenadiers / Lovely Nancy / The Brick Maker
  12. The World Turned Upside Down
  13. Logan Water / O'Carolan's Draught
  14. Lilli Burlero / Fisher's Hornpipe
  15. How Stands The Glass Around / Soldier's Joy
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